Role of Course Representative

Becoming a Course Rep is one way of contributing to this organisation that gives us so much enjoyment. It is an easy role that simply requires a little extra time to set up the room, complete the attendance book, read the housekeeping book, and close up the room.

If you share the role with another person, it means that there is always someone available to support the course members and the facilitator and keep the communication flowing. Please think about assisting in this way. 

The Course Representative duties:- 

  1.  Arrive a little early for class and organise the preparation of the room with the assistance from other class members as they arrive.
  2.  Make sure the urn is filled and switched on, turn on the hot water system, open the blinds and switch on the heating or cooling, as appropriate. After the session, ensure all electrical appliances are switched off, that the room is tidy and clean for the next session, and that you leave the door locked.
  3.  Compile and maintain a class member contact list with names and phone numbers (spare copies of forms are kept in housekeeping folder). Give a copy to the course facilitator.
  4.  Make sure members have your phone number so they can advise of inattendance or obtain information.
  5.  Circulate the attendance book to class members so a record of attendance is kept.
  6.  Read the housekeeping folder to see if there is any new information to be read out to members at a suitable time, e.g. before the class begins, or just after the tea break before class recommences.
  7.  The Course Representative should welcome and make themselves known to new members who may attend at any time during the course and should organise membership registration and payment of fees, if necessary, with the aid of the housekeeping book. Advise the new member of your phone number so that person knows who to contact in case of illness, etc.
  8.  Liaise with the course facilitator in case of the facilitator’s absence. If he or she will be absent and the session is to be cancelled, then the Course Representative will ensure that all members are made aware (with as much notice as possible) that the session will not take place. If the course facilitator wishes the Course Representative to take over the session, then the Course Representative should obtain a full set of notes from the course facilitator for that session and does not need to notify members of this beforehand.