IMAG0204You may be nearing retirement age or already enjoying it.  You now may have more time for social activities but also want to keep mentally active.  If you have just moved to north east Victoria or have been living here for years, Wangaratta U3A might satisfy these needs and also provide the opportunity to make new friends

What is U3A?

U3A stands for University of the Third Age and there are U3As all over the world.  A U3A is a volunteer co-operative of people who share many educational, creative and leisure activities.

Its members are in their Third Age, the time after the First Age of childhood and the Second Age of paid/unpaid work and family responsibilities.  The third age is often called "the age of active retirement".

Being in your Third Age is the only qualification needed to participate and no educational qualifications are required or given.  Those who teach and those who learn are all members of their U3A.

To learn more about how the U3A movement started world-wide, look up our U3A Network Victoria website:   U3A Network Victoria

At Wangaratta U3A our comfortable and fully equipped meeting room is nestled among tall gums and green turf at the Wangaratta Turf Club and this has been our home for the last five of our nearly 30 years of existence.

Please browse the website for details of our current courses and how you can become a member.  A warm welcome is assured to all newcomers in every course.

If you have any questions, please call 0412 944 664 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.